About Our Team of Massage Therapists at Upcountry Massage  


Upcountry Massage has six very experienced massage therapists, who all have extensive training in health care and use a customized combination of techniques for each session.

They all understand the significant proven benefits of massage therapy, including injury recovery, stress relief, chronic pain relief, athletic support, health maintenance and general relaxation. 

The team at Upcountry Massage has over 50 years of combined experience and all of our therapist are excellent at what they do.

Our Team includes Nikki Janssen, Mary Bouton, Lizette Kinzer, Jessica Murthi, June Paahana, Laine Assid, & Heidi Tena.


Nikki Janssen | Founder & Owner of Upcountry Massage


I am the founder and owner of Upcountry Massage and have been a practicing, licensed massage therapist since 1995. My primary teaching followed techniques developed by Auntie Margaret Machado and  her apprentice Maka’ala Yates – from the Big Island, Hawaii.  I love practicing Lomi-Lomi Massage and utilizing hot stones in my own work.

Upcountry Massage is a family oriented business and we have been fortunate to see our longstanding client’s families’ grow and change with us. My husband, Dr. Andrew Janssen,  practices chiropractic next door, at Pukalani Chiropractic, and almost everyone in our local community knows a bit about our triplet daughters’ lives!

Our therapists, office staff and clients and are an extension of our ohana (family). At Upcountry Massage, we want you to walk in our door and feel at home, knowing we care and will always give our highest quality service.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life and have been challenged by my own injuries and the healing processes. I know the determination and commitment it takes to return to pre-injury condition, and to maintain good health.

I’m fascinated with the mind-body connection and strongly believe in a wholistic lifestyle. I encourage clients to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, seek physical therapy, walk, stretch, utilize acupuncture and chiropractic, and work to understand their own personal mind-body connection. My goal is to assist my clients in finding physical relief and peace of mind.

Our cozy space at Upcountry Massage, is a great place to unwind, enjoy a cup of tea, listen to relaxing music and possibly some laughter from neighboring tenants. Although we’re not a spa, Upcountry Massage is a wonderful environment to let your body be pampered or gradually heal with the help of a licensed skilled professional. 

In Good Health, Nikki